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Omni is bringing the Future of Music to You via NFTs


Social media is a web-based communication platform that allows for constant, instant interaction between people and the sharing of information.

Social media allows for socialization and encourages cooperation. However, social media can expose your data to the public and make it vulnerable to privacy and other information. Social media could become a decentralized platform that benefits all users, not just third parties, if this data could be linked and managed individually. This is where Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs), come in.

NFTs are steadily becoming the future of artistic expression and providing real income for users. It’s possible to create music, and then be able trade it or receive royalties if that music is used elsewhere. The digital revolution in music production has completely transformed the industry and turned art/music into income for NFT artists.

With all this possible through NFTs, Omni sets its objective to pioneer the future of music through the world of NFTs and return social media powers back to users.

What Are NFTs?

Hailed as the digital alternative to collectibles, NFTs are essentially tokenized artwork linked to a digital certificate of ownership. NFTs can’t be exchanged for other assets, but they are not fungible. Each NFT is unique and cannot be interchanged.

NFTs come in many forms ranging from animations to images, to texts and tweets, and more on topic – music. The transformation of music into NFTs allows the owner and origin of the music to be traced and acknowledged each time a piece of music is used or played. Omni creates a monetizable function from music NFTs. It rewards creators and owners of music on the Omni platform.

Imagine a musician, highly talented and their music is loved by many that hear it. After years of busking on the streets and in train stations, this musician is introduced the NFT Ecosystem and the means to use Omni to transform their music into a monetizable NFT. The musician’s music can now be heard in user videos and other digital NFTs. The musician gets rewarded for every use of NFT music. This makes their art more useful and potentially generate income.

Omni music NFTs make all of this possible.

Omni As The Future of Music NFTs

Omni addresses the negative societal aspects of modern social media culture and sets out a path to bring power back to users through a plethora of mechanisms – including NFTs. The Omni Mega App could be found on all smartphones.

NFT music artists can easily track their royalties and also sell, buy, or exchange rights to each piece. The artist who owns NFT rights to these NFT sounds earns royalties for their use. This model ensures that music is not only future-proofed, but also maintains artist ownership of their musical creations.

Furthermore, as users make music NFTs on Omni, that sound or piece of music becomes identifiable and trackable. Creators of NFT music can rest assured that their work will always remain their own, unless it is sold. This removes the need to use copyright procedures and the effort required to protect work originality. It also protects artists from fraud and defamation.

What Is Omni?

Omni is the amalgamation of all features from the world’s most renowned social media apps – such as TikTok and Facebook – reformed into one blockchain platform with a catch; Omni aims to reward users. Omni Coins (OMNI) can be used to reward users for everyday functions, such as sharing a video, posting a post, or simply talking with friends. Omni Coins allow users to make more money as Omni grows. This encourages users to stay active and earn more OMNI. Omni coins can also be used to shop on the Omni platform – adding to the growing number of OMNI uses.

As a part of the decentralized movement Omni recognizes that the platform could be the vehicle for positive social reform. They are dedicated to creating a new standard for society and the economy. Omni is a new breed of user-centric companies that combines the best features of social media platforms and rewards users for their activity with monetization.

If you want to learn more about Omni music NFT possibilities/opportunities, visit their website here

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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