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Epic NFT Heroes Formula: NFT Collectibles and Gaming Metaverse, NFT Collectibles and Yield Farming


With the trading volume and number of NFT projects always on the increase, it’s getting harder and harder to compete for users and bring innovative products to the market. One project is poised to change the NFT gaming industry and set the standard for other market players. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes takes NFT to the next level by combining an NFT avatar collection, a gaming metaverse and NFT yield farming into one product and backing it with the philosophy that’s close to every crypto enthusiast’s heart. One NFT avatar costs 0. 055 ETH will open the user up to a world of 7,500 characters from 12 blockchain planets. The characters have all inherited the strongest traits associated with the top 100 crypto projects and companies – welcome to a world of unique features and unlimited opportunities.

NFT Heroes appeals to the market’s desire to invest in NFT projects that won’t turn to dust in a couple of months, projects that are backed by real value and liquidity. You can take a look at the new ecosystem to see what the team has in store for NFT and crypto communities.

Major Moving Parts of the NFT Heroes Ecosystem

There’s no single term to describe the essence of NFT Heroes. This project combines the functionality of an NFT-game, a yield farming program, and a digital art collection. It connects them all together.

First Layer: NFT Collectibles

NFT Heroes is a collection of 7,500 unique NFT avatars created by over 400 modern artists from the international collective known as NFT256. The characters come from 12 blockchain planets and each inherits 11 traits, such as skin, helmet, backpack, etc.

The collection features 6,000 Original NFT Heroes; 1,000 Rare Heroes and 500 Legendary NFT Heroes. Original Heroes are of equal rarity and value in the community, and have a market price of 0. 055 ETH. Original personas can be purchased, but Legendary and Rare Heroes must be created using Galaxy Modificator and upgrade cards. Upgradable cards are randomly displayed on the project’s website as well as every other week. Galaxy Modificator randomly assigns upgraded traits. Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function, (VRF) is the engine that powers this tool. It is a randomness generator for smart contract contracts. This technology guarantees fair distribution and strong security for the platform.

The featured upgrade system is the first innovation introduced by NFT Heroes. NFT avatar projects generally issue the entire collection at once and exclude other users from the creative process.

This is one way to view the NFT Heroes project. Each avatar is the owner’s ticket to the NFT ecosystem where they can trade, craft, trade, and earn. The rarity of Heroes determines the opportunities available to the user within the community and the rewards they get. All players have equal chances to rise to the top in SIDUS society at the beginning.

Second Layer: Gaming Metaverse

The next step in the development of the project is the launch the gaming functionality. Every NFT Hero can be transformed in to a SIDUS gaming character.

The mythos that underpins the story of NFT Heroes leaves plenty of room for imagination, and future gaming scenarios. NFT Heroes’ story unfolds during intergalactic warfare. Driven by different motives, 6,000 inhabitants from different blockchain planets fled from their homes and found refuge in an abandoned city. They set out to create a new society that is free from the past conflicts. They created a new identity – NFT Heroes. The new city was called SIDUS.

In time, it became difficult for Heroes to live peacefully together. The NFT Heroes were driven by lust for power and a lack of resources to fight each other. The NFT Hero Battle Arena will be akin to famous fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, and Jump Force. NFT Heroes will challenge other players to duels and fight in the Arena to try to rise up the social hierarchy.

Heroes can undergo upgrades with the Galaxy Modificator and equip themselves with weapons from the Galaxy Marketplace to compete in the Battle Arena. The upgrade cards will randomly appear on and the NFT Heroes website. The upgrade cards will be available for purchase with ETH. Galaxy Marketplace will offer a variety of next-generation guns, including light-sabers and sonic grenades. Weapons will be sold for NFTS tokens, the NFT STARS native token. The MILK2 token will be used to make payments. We will share more details in the future.

Third Layer: NFT Yield Farming

Every NFT Hero is an NFT token and a high-resolution avatar that holders can use for its intended purpose. You can also use it to fund additional adventures in the SIDUS capital.

The platform offers three levels of Galaxy Staking: Rare, Original and Legendary. By staking NFTs, NFT Heroes can farm NFTS tokens. This allows players to upgrade their ammunition without having to invest additional money. Players also have a greater chance of winning the next Arena battle. The amount of rewards a player receives will determine the difference between these three tiers.

The Galaxy staking feature has a big advantage: the NFTS token is much more useful than the regular in game coin. NFTS is the native token of the NFT marketplace NFT STARS, the developers behind SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes. Together with the gaming community, the large community of digital art collectors ensures that the token is more widely used and has a greater price stability and growth.

Earning Opportunities With NFT Heroes

All NFT avatar projects have a common earning strategy: buy early and then sell as interest grows. NFT avatars can be considered investment assets. You don’t have to keep them inactive until their price doubles. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes changes the established norm and introduces several tools that double your investment, meaning you don’t have to wait years for the market to change or for a generous buyer to come along.

In the SIDUS community, everything depends on the player:

  • NFT Heroes redistributes 50% of the royalties received from all secondary sales of the collection to the community. The only condition for Heroes to be eligible for royalties is to hold a minimum of $200 in NFTS or MILK2 tokens.
  • NFT Heroes can stake their NFT and receive rewards in NFTS.
  • Holders of an original NFT Hero can look for upgrade cards and sell the upgraded Hero on the market.
  • The project supports a wrapped NFT feature. You can also deposit additional cryptocurrencies or NFTs to your Hero, and then aggregate the liquidity. Heroes will be able to offer multiple asset sales simultaneously and have real value.

This means your NFT Hero can be as valuable as you want it to be. These services reduce the NFT’s dependence on the market to generate its value and provide tools that users can earn income.

Blockchain Planets and the Community of Crypto Enthusiasts

A large part of NFT avatar projects are the communities they create around them. These avatars are used to communicate a message to the rest of the world, create a digital identity, and prove ownership to the NFT or crypto club. SIDUS, The City of NFT Heroes, encapsulates blockchain philosophies and provides users with characters, traits and in-game items to show their support for a project or a blockchain.

The collection of NFT Heroes features 7,500 unique characters who have come from 12 blockchain planets: Bitcoione, Etheredus, Binaxima Sentauri Cybele, Solantrum, Avalanya, Polygopus, Huoris Helvetios, Polkacyon, Cardaggar, Tronguan, Ripplatan Centricus, Cosmernicus. Each planet is related to one of the major networks and inherits its signature traits. By the way, each planet has Easter eggs in their stories!

Bitcoione is the largest planet in the Universe which many refer to as ‘the cradle of civilization’. Avalanya is unique among the other planets due to its inclusive governmental structure. The settlers from Etheredus built the Polygopus society. Polkacyon is an agglomeration organization that unites many inhabited asteroids. Cosmernicus refers to a caravan or fleet of ships. Solantrum is well-known for its unique time system, “Proof of History”.

SIDUS is a place where blockchain and market experts will find a well thought-through society of blockchain planet inhabitants. On top of that, NFT Heroes take on the strongest traits of the top 100 crypto projects and companies. They can be found in the ammunition Heroes carry to the Arena and in their upgrades gear and weapons.

Meet the Artists and Developers

NFT Heroes is being developed by the NFT marketplace NFT STARS in partnership with a collective of artists known as NFT256. This partnership ensures that each avatar is unique and artistically valuable.

NFT256 is the biggest international collective of modern artists today, working with a variety of art mediums. The fellowship includes more than 500 artists who were previously involved in Disney, Sony and Marvel projects. The team brings together many artists to ensure that each character is unique and one-of-a kind. The artists spent over 10,000 combined hours thinking through every little detail and drawing every Hero trait. Even if an NFT Hero decides not to use the gaming or staking mechanisms, they still have a piece of crypto art.

NFT StarS is responsible for the technical aspects of NFT Heroes. NFT STARS is an NFT marketplace with a distinguished history of developing innovative NFT products and services. It regularly hosts celebrity drops that have been a success and has a positive impact on the market perception of digital art. These factors help ensure that the NFTS token is useful and stable in price. This allows Heroes to earn NFTS as a farming reward. NFT STARS acknowledges its partners Chainlink, Avalanche, and Polygon for their assistance in smooth operation of the platform.

Your Ticket to a City Populated by Thousands of Heroes

NFT Heroes is a project born from the new direction that NFT development is taking and is in line with growing market trends. This project is more like an NFT ecosystem, than a collection NFT cards. It incorporates features and characteristics of NFT avatar projects, gaming, and yield farming. The NFT community is looking for NFTs with real value. There are many earning opportunities available, including distribution of royalties and NFT staking. The price is relatively low at 0. 055 ETH (less than $170) opens the NFT world up to the general population.

Take your chance and join the unique NFT Heroes club. You can play, stake, craft and earn!

Learn more about the project on its official social media pages: Website, Twitter, Discord.

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any products or services. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The author and the company are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from or related to the use or reliance of any content, goods, or services in this article.

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Locker Token, Euro Ice Hockey Champs Rogle BK To Hold In-Person NFT Events

press release

PRESS RELEASE. Locker token & Ice Hockey experts Rogle BK announced an In-Real-Life NFT (In-Real-Life) event at the Catena Arena, the home of European champions. This event will showcase NFTs as an innovative asset class and educate Rogle fans about how to use the blockchain to purchase their favorite player trading cards.

The event, due to take place on December 30th, will feature educational content, a free mint for the first 500 fans, and in-person interaction with cryptocurrency experts – The Nordic Whales.

About The Event

Rogle BK fans were the first fanbase able to mint their favourite players and in-game moments via the Locker sports NFT marketplace. With the Locker Token app, the team has the technology to create any NFTs desired by fans. The event was planned in line with the partnership to help blockchain enthusiasts make their first steps.

The event will be hosted and supported by local natives the Nordic Whales, who are located a mere 20 minutes from the stadium. Because they are close to the team, the AMA enthusiasts can provide educational content in English and Swedish.

The first 500 fans are in for a treat upon arrival after scanning the event QR code. This will provide them with a free mint, with a further 6500 being minted on the day that will be made available for purchase. The first 500 will be randomized in terms of rarity.

What is Locker Token?

Locker Token provides an ecosystem that allows athletes and sports teams to futureproof their offerings and monetize them through blockchain. It also connects fans and athletes via a unique asset type. After a successful contract migration, Locker’s ticker $LKT is now listed on CoinMarketCap.

Despite being a relatively new project, the ecosystem features a number of the worlds best Ice Hockey teams and players including; Rogle BK, Manchester Storm, and HC Bolzano. There are more Ice Hockey teams than other sports. The goal is to get each team’s fans to Locker and become engaged buyers and fans.

From a token perspective, the Ethereum price decline of late has dragged the price of $LKT with it due to the closely-connected nature of Locker as an ERC20 token. Despite the market downturn, the team has maintained its efforts to create and build new partnerships.

500 lucky fans will receive a free mint upon scanning a QR code.

About Rogle BK

RogleBK (Rogle Bandyklubb), is a professional Swedish ice hockey team based in Angelholm. The club has featured in the SHL most-recently since the 2015-16 season. Rogle has previously played in the SHL in 1992-1996, 2008-2010, and briefly in 2012-13.

The team is currently in a mixed season and are currently 9th in league standings. They are however on a two-game winning streak, with Adam Tambellini playing a big part in the team’s offensive play with 12 league goals to date.

Mint Rogle BK NFTs today via the Locker Token app for iOS and Android.

This is a press release. Before taking any action related to the promoted company, or any of its affiliates, or services, readers should do their due diligence. does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused or alleged by the use or reliance of any content, goods, or services mentioned in this press release.

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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Financie Begin to Prepare for the IEO of Entertainment DAO Project “SUPER SAPIENSS” Led by Yukihiko Tsutsumi and Katsuyuki Motorolahiro

press release

PRESS RELEASE. “SUPER SAPIENSS NFT” Public-Sale on December 24.

Financie, Inc. (headquarters, Tokyo; CEO, Hironao Kunimitsu; hereinafter “Financie”) has commenced to prepare for the IEO (*1) of the entertainment DAO project “SUPER SAPIENSS”. Additionally, “SUPER SAPIENSS NFT” will start a public sale from 24rd December, 6 am(EST) available for anyone.



Financie has launched the IEO support business in July 2022 to expand the “community-driven” creator economy. Financie will assist the entity/group in developing and creating the token economy. They will analyze and clarify the risks from the point-of-view of accounting and tax (*2) and prepare the applications to handle newly-issued crypto assets. Financie has a partnership agreement already with Light Inc. for their IEO. They are currently in discussions to Angkor Tiger FC and Iganmu Tiger FC about their IEO.

“SUPER SAPIENSS” is an entertainment project initiated by three directors, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro, and Yuichi Sato, who lead the Japanese entertainment and film industry, and the producer Takeshi Moriya, known for “Midnight Swan” and other films, to carry out the entire process from creation of the original work to its visualization. Since the launch of the project on FiNANCiE in January 2022, it has been active with the co-creation community in the production of original videos and webtoons, and the NFT. Financie supports the issuance “SUPER SAPIENSS”, crypto assets token. This will allow “SUPER SAPIENSS” token economy to grow beyond FiNANCiE.

*1 IEO stands for “Initial Exchange Offering”. Token offerings can be made through exchange platforms. Before a sale is initiated, there are many checks and due diligence. Tokens can be used to raise funds and to create and strengthen communities.

*2 Financie does not provide professional advice based on the Lawyers Act, the Certified Public Tax Accountants Act, etc.

[(Outline of Public Sale)]

Target: Anyone can purchase on the Mint website (first-come-first-served basis)


2022/12/24 6 am ~ 2022/12/25 6 am (EST)

2022/12/24 11 am ~ 2022/12/25 11 am (GMT)

2022/12/24 3 am ~ 2022/12/25 3 am(PST)

Quantity: 500 + the amount not sold out in the Pre-Sale at the Minting site (no limit of mints / up to 5 mints at a time)

Payment method: ETH payment

Remarks: The management will keep the unsold items and use them for burn or future development to avoid selling pressure.

Purchase Page:

[(Comments from the producers)]

#Takeshi Moriya, SUPER SAPIENSS Producer

“I’m very excited to begin the preparations for IEO.

We have been engaged in various activities as SUPER SAPIENSS for about a year, and it has passed so fast.

Starting with the community creating onFiNANCiE platform, we organized and commenced actor auditions, the Japan tour of “SUPER SAPIENSS THE BEGINNING,” which is led by members of the community, and NFT and WebTOON, that is now being launched. Through such activities, we hope to create new entertainment opportunities.

In preparation for the IEO, we are considering various measures linked to the community tokens in FiNANCiE, and NFT holders, so that we can create an entertainment which everyone from all over the world can enjoy’.

#Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO, Financie, Inc.

“I believe the success of this SUPER SAPIENSS IEO will be very important for NFT’s future. We will try our best to achieve it.

As the one and only Web3 platform provider in Japan, Financie will continue to support the formation and expansion of the token ecosystem through its token-issuing crowdfunding service “FiNANCiE”, NFT business, and IEO support business, in order to achieve its corporate vision of “Empowering the next billion dreams”‘.

About Financie, Inc.

Financie, Inc. provides the businesses that support the formation of communities and ecosystems using tokens, including FiNANCiE, a token-issuing crowdfunding service that utilizes blockchain, NFT business, and IEO support business. Currently, more than 180 sports teams, entertainment projects, and individuals have issued/sold/operated their own tokens on FiNANCiE. Japan’s only Web3 platform, which supports the creation and expansion of token ecosystems in an integrated way, will be established.


App: App Store (Supported OS: iOS 14.0 and above)

App: Google Play (Compatible OS: Android 6.0 and above)

This is a press release. This is a press release. Readers are responsible for their own research before making any decisions about the promoted company, or any of its affiliates. does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the content, goods, or services mentioned in this press release.

Media is your best source for all things crypto-related.
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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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FTX-Hosted NFTs Show Broken Metadata, Issue Illuminates Flaws with NFTs Tied To Centralized Clouds

FTX-Hosted NFTs Point to Broken Metadata, Issue Illuminates Flaws With NFTs Tied to Centralized Clouds

On Wednesday non-fungible token supporters discovered that the NFT metadata hosted by FTX US pointed to broken metadata. The links now point to FTX’s restructuring website. The specific collections created on the Solana blockchain using the FTX USA NFT platform don’t show the NFT imagery. Also, the Coachella NFT marketplace listings have vanished.

FTX NFTs in the US Redirect Metadata to FTX Restructuring Page

This week, owners of FTX US-hosted NFTs discovered they cannot see their NFTs’ imagery or animations. NFTs derived from FTX US have broken metadata. The issue was discovered Wednesday by a number of NFT and crypto supporters.

“Oh look FTX hosted all the NFTs minted on their platform using a Web2 API and now all those NFTs have broken metadata, and the links go to a restructuring website,” the Twitter account jac0xb.sol wrote on Wednesday. Jac0xb.sol added:

There is a lesson to be learned here yet collections are still hosting metadata on [Amazon Web Services].

In addition to Jac0xb.sol, the Twitter profile @web3isgreat, an account that highlights Web3’s special moments, tweeted about the FTX US-hosted NFT issues as well. The Web3 is going just great Twitter account noted how the website shows zero listings.

FTX-Hosted NFTs Point to Broken Metadata, Issue Illuminates Flaws With NFTs Tied to Centralized Clouds
The Coachella NFT marketplace on Dec. 8, 2022, shows zero listings.

Further the account stated that the FTX US-tethered NFTs of the Coachella NFT Collection do appear as secondary market listings, but don’t show imagery or the metadata is broken. The company behind the music and arts festival, Coachella, partnered with FTX US in Feb. 2022.

FTX-Hosted NFTs Point to Broken Metadata, Issue Illuminates Flaws With NFTs Tied to Centralized Clouds
Coachella NFT listing hosted on on Dec. 8, 2022.

If a user visits and searches for NFTs based on the Coachella collection, the listings will display micro-images from the compilation’s artwork. However, when a user toggles to see the details of the actual listing, the NFT’s imagery is not shown.

Similarly, FTX US-based NFTs listed on Opensea show the images on the main sale page and even some of the details on individually listed NFTs still show the images, but there are many that do not or they show errors. The NFTs that are listed on Opensea show a floor value of around 100 ethereum (ETH) and Coachella NFTs listed on are listed for prices between 1-100 SOL per unit.

What do you think about the broken metadata issue tethered to FTX US-based NFTs? Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman, a journalist and financial tech expert living in Florida, is the News Lead at News. Redman has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2011. Redman is passionate about Bitcoin, open-source codes, and decentralized applications. Since September 2015, Redman has written more than 6,000 articles for News about the disruptive protocols emerging today.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any products or services. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The author and the company are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from or related to the use or reliance of any content, goods, or services in this article.

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