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HeliconNFT: New Play-to-Earn NFT Ecosystem launches NFT Mystery Box Event, Battlefy Partnership

press release

PRESS REELEASE. Singapore: HeliconNFT, the brand-new, global, gaming-focused NFT ecosystem, which recently unveiled a partnership with Battlefy, has announced that it will launch an NFT mystery box event on Sunday, 24th October. After completing their whitelist registration, users will have access to an exclusive prelaunch sale. This will allow them to purchase mystery boxes that contain rare NFT games, artworks, and collectibles.

HeliconNFT x Battlefy

The announcement comes just weeks after the unveiling of HeliconNFT’s ground-breaking partnership with esports giant Battlefy – a collaboration that is set to change the way gamers see their favourite games forever. With over 70,000 tournaments under its belt, Battlefy has hosted some of the world’s largest and most prestigious tournaments, providing support for about 40,000 games.

The collaboration will see NFT-enabled gaming join the ranks of classic titles like Hearthstone and FIFA.

A Literal Game-Changer

The decentralised HeliconNFT platform brings together the worlds NFTs and blockchain gaming. It enables content creators, investors, gamers and NFT enthusiasts to come together and make money gaming.

Claire Cawthorn is Chief Marketing Officer at HeliconNFT. She says that HeliconNFT is the only all-encompassing ecosystem. We allow gamers to monetize their in-game assets, buy & sell NFTs and integrate these NFTs into blockchain-based games. Additionally, we are the first platform that aggregates other games for an inter-gaming experience. Third-party developers can tokenize their games on blockchain using our game-add-on service. This gives them a new revenue stream. You can think of Netflix for blockchain and metaverse games. This platform is a great way to make gaming more fun.

NFT Mystery Box Launch

HeliconNFT will launch its first NFT mystery box event on Sunday 24th October at 8am PDT. Users who register via the whitelist HERE, which opens on 24th October, will have the opportunity to access an exclusive pre-launch sale, giving them the chance to be among the first to purchase mystery boxes containing rare NFT game items, artworks and collectible cards. Registered members have the option to keep their NFTs or use them in supported games.

Registering for the whitelist can be as easy as CLICK HER , and then follow the steps to get on the list.

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About HeliconNFT

HeliconNFT, a global platform that focuses on esports and NFTs and blockchain, will bring people together while being sustainable and green. HeliconNFT will be an ETH layer 2 solution for the self-custody and security for NFT developers, creators, and traders. HeliconNFT can also offer trading, earning, minting and collecting services for its game and marketplace.

For more information, visit: Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Website | Discord | Facebook

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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