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Why Meta Penguin Island Should be Your Favorite Place To Look For NFTs This Winter

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PRESS RELEASE. Not only are the financial markets experiencing a revolution due to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but NFTs are changing the digital space for artists and consumers and investors. NFTs are already a multibillion-dollar sector and have seen an amazing rise in art collectors and investors. As art becomes more accessible, digital artwork and collections sell for incredible amounts of money. Art collecting used to be an exclusive hobby that was only available to a select few. NFT technology now opens doors for all.

One of the highest anticipated collections is Meta Penguin Island, created by Thomas Loopstra and Maurice Baltissen from Mitsi Studios in the Netherlands. These two icons are a part of the digital art scene and the quality of the project proves it.

What is Meta Penguin Island?

Meta Penguin Island is a community-driven NFT project built around a passionate and interactive community. A collection of 8888 unique penguins designed by Mitsi Studio, categorized by their rarity and generated in 4K resolution with hundreds of passionately detailed elements.

Why Are Meta Penguins So Expected?

The Artists

The two Dutch artists have designed globally, gaining respect for notable brands. Thomas Loopstra, an animation genius who can bring life to characters and settings and excels at creating any design, is a true artist. Maurice Baltissen is a 3D expert who creates amazing animations and illustrations while paying great attention to detail. He is constantly trying to push the boundaries visually and achieve new heights with his work.

Meta Penguin Island has the most detailed 3D NFT in the market. Mitsi Studios’ two artists have an extraordinary love for detail which makes MPI stand out from other projects in this field.

Purely Mind-Blowing Trailers

Meta Penguin Island is sharing some incredible trailers during the build-up to the project. These trailers can be found on the social media pages. More releases are expected before the NFT drops. Trailers show the complete body renders as well as details about the pieces prior to the launch.

Continuously Growing and Engaging Community

MPI describes themselves as purpose and community-driven. Their community is active and growing. With over 150,000 discord members in less than a week, they are on pace to break 200k by the mint.

Penguin Merchandise!

MPI is looking to bring quality physical merchandise to the community. Several high-quality penguin merch items are lined up, including plushies and clothing only accessible to holders and those who want to represent the project beyond the Metaverse.

Introduction of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Since Penguins love to stay in a healthy and accessible community, introducing a DAO to make vital decisions for the island’s development will be a step in the right direction. Every penguin’s vote is important for the development and growth of the colony.

3D Model in the Metaverse

After the upcoming launch in mid-February, each NFT holder will receive a digital 3D model of its penguin. This model can be used in many NFT metaverses and 3D printed. Holders will have full intellectual property rights for their penguins.

What Can You Do With Your Penguin?

You can do anything you want with the penguin. MPI, for example, gave up all rights to individual penguins. This includes the rendering of the profile picture and the 3D model that was used in the Metaverse.

Mint a Meta Penguin Island NFT

Meta Penguin Island will mint on February 12, 2022.




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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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