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Decentralised Socialfi Platform Boom Live on App Store, Unveiling Two NFT Airdrops


Decentralised socialfi platform Boom has announced the launch of its application on the App Store and Google Play in addition to the Android version. Launching a mobile application is a major accomplishment for most Cryptocurrency projects. It will bring the benefits of the app to more people in the Web 3.0 social network.

Regardless of whether you’re involved in Cryptocurrency or NFT, there is a lot of hype surrounding the market. This has led to fake NFT usage on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Discord. Some users downloaded the image or took screenshots of it and used it for their profile pictures without actually owning the NFT. It loses the NFT’s purpose without blockchain technology support. The Boom app solves most of the issues that Web 2.0 social platform users and creators face, including authentication of assets on social platforms. Boom will be available on Google Play Store and App Store. This will allow Boom users to join the Boom community, which will create more opportunities for collaboration and increase the value of Crypto Tokens and NFTs. Besides that, Boom team is also working on a PC version of Boom that is expected to be released on Q1, March 2022.

The main function of the Boom app is that creators and users can create Boom accounts to share news and information about the crypto market. Users can follow the news published by Whales and KOLs, while creators have the ability to share information on their accounts privately or publicly. Boom has added the most important function, which allows users to show their Tokens or NFTs in their profile. This function allows users to review articles and posts from KOL or Whales, as well as verify the authenticity of the information based on their asset.

As Boom is a community-centric-based application, they have also launched a $1M Creator Fund to provide more qualitative support to content creators.

Boom will join ZKSpace’s One-year anniversary carnival, giving away special NFTs to participants

Boom, a partner in ZKSpace’s 1-year anniversary carnival, gave away NFTs to all participants. Boom will release a limited edition NFT from ZKSpace and ZKSpace. ZKSpace is a layer 2 protocol that uses ZK-Rollups. The anniversary events will be started from 14 February 2022 and end on 25 February 2022. For Boom and ZKSpace to release a limited edition NFT, participants will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Follow Boom’s Twitter (@boomapporg) and retweet event’s post
  2. Join Boom Official Telegram Group
  3. Download Boom App and create your account on Boom (AppStore and Google Play Store)
  4. Once finishing all the procedures, Kindly leave your official Twitter account and telegram username on Google form to claim rewards.

Boom Future Giveaways / Airdrops

In the future roadmap of Boom, the team is releasing Boom’s official NFT in mid-April, 2022. The Boom Team created the NFT. It began with an explosion that occurred on a planet in the solar system at the end of 2022. In the explosions, a new planet was created that we call Boom. It was formed by crypto enthusiasts. These crypto-lovers perform their respective roles on the new planet, and build the ecosystem. Each character, such as Whales, Influencers, Consumers, Creators, Artists, and Artist, is represented. Boom planet has begun issuing ID cards via airdrop to its first inhabitants. You will receive a number of benefits, including community governance rights, brand exposure, product trials, exclusives bonuses, and more.

About Team Boom

About boom was registered in Miami Florida. It was started by a group cyberpunk enthusiasts from the United States, France and Sweden. Although they come from different backgrounds, Boom’s founders came together out of common interest.

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