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Crypto Community discusses Warfare and Crypto in Ukraine

Crypto Community Discusses Warfare in Ukraine, Importance of Crypto, and the Future of Bitcoin

During the course of the early morning trading sessions on Thursday (EST), 24-hour statistics show the crypto economy dropped more than 11% in value against the U.S. dollar. While the leading crypto asset bitcoin shed close to 10%, a myriad of alternative digital assets lost close to 20% in value. The crypto market downturn is being blamed on Russia invading Ukraine’s borders as Russian president Vladimir Putin’s troops entered the country before dawn on February 24. Many crypto enthusiasts have differing opinions on the current geopolitical risks and their future impact on the digital currency market.

Russian Troops Invade Ukraine, Crypto-Economy Loses 11% Overnight, Bitcoin Advocates Discuss Geopolitical Risk

Following the report News published on Wednesday evening (EST), media reports disclosed that Russian troops have invaded Ukraine and acts of war have been committed. Although the exact scope of the attack remains unclear, reports suggest that cruise missiles were fired and that there were a few explosions near Kyiv’s international Airport.

Yesterday’s news desk report stated that geopolitical tension caused the entire crypto-economy to lose . At the time of writing, the entire crypto-economy has lost 11.1%, and just before Thursday’s opening bell, futures indicate that Wall Street stocks are in for a volatile day of trading.

What happens with bitcoin and crypto during war. We’ll find out. It’s history.

— DaBean (@HoneyBadger10) February 24, 2022

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency advocates are discussing the Russia-Ukraine situation in great detail. They also discuss theories about the future for crypto markets amid the escalating conflict.

For instance, the “reformed hedge-fund manager” and bitcoin proponent James Lavish told his 18,000 Twitter followers: “If you’re selling bitcoin here because of fears of war and civil unrest, you have absolutely no idea what you own and why it is so vitally important for the world at this very moment.”

FTX CEO Samuel Bankman-Fried also discussed the situation in Ukraine and he stressed that war is “really bad for the world.” Bankman-Fried further noted that Eastern European financial systems and currencies were feeling the wrath of the storm.

“It makes sense that stocks are down,” the FTX CEO said. “War is, generally, bad. What should BTC be doing here? People have less cash if the world becomes more shambolic. Basically, selling BTC — along with stocks, etc. — to pay war

The FTX executive added

On the other hand, this is likely destabilizing for Eastern European currencies. This is also likely to destabilize Eastern European financial markets. They might also be considering alternatives. Where would you put your money if you were to travel to Ukraine right now?

Many crypto supporters continued to emphasize that, despite market chaos, censorship resistant cryptocurrencies are vital in times like these.

“There’s a war going on outside,” an individual wrote on Twitter. “Tempted to think that crypto doesn’t really matter. But that’s BS. The endless wars will continue as long as the world continues to be fueled by traditional money printing machines. Blockchain tech and Bitcoin adoption [and]. This will allow the nation-states to separate from the banks .”


BREAKING: USA to limit Russian trade and business in USD

— Bitcoin Archive (@BTC_Archive) February 24, 2022

“It’s not World War III, it’s the best time to jump into bitcoin,” another individual tweeted. Microstrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor replaced the old “give peace a chance” adage with the word bitcoin and said: “Give bitcoin a chance.”

Peter Schiff, Others Expect the Fed To Change Its Tune

Officially, Peter Schiff, a gold bug and economist, gave his opinion about the Russian invasion, Fed, gold and bitcoin.

“Perhaps, the Fed is relieved that Russia invaded Ukraine as now it has an excuse not to raise interest rates in March,” Schiff tweeted. “If it weren’t for this, it would have been something else. But as far as excuses go, this one’s hard. Gold spiked 1.5% and bitcoin dumped 5.5% on the news.” Schiff wholeheartedly believes that sanctions on Russia could end up making inflation jump even higher for Americans. Others agree with Schiff, and believe that the Fed won’t accept fiscal responsibility following the Russian invasion.

One crypto advocate on social media insists:

Inflation gets worse during war, not better. I predict that any attempt at fiscal responsibility by Fed will be thrown out the window. #Bitcoin.

The conversation about the Federal Reserve is linked to the March rate hike. While the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) told the press it would raise the benchmark interest rate “soon,” Fed chair Jerome Powell remarked to the press that it would likely happen during the March FOMC meeting.

Fiat is war. #Bitcoin is peace

— Belief_BTC[B] (,)(,) LNP/BPRGB (@Belief_BTC) February 24, 2022

If the U.S. central banks raises the bank rate, the equity and cryptocurrency markets may see more sell-offs. Schiff and others have mentioned that the Fed may not raise the bank rate or halt the tapering large-scale monetary purchases due to the Ukraine crisis.

What do you think about the geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine and the adverse effects on global markets? Comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman, the News Lead at News, is a Florida-based financial journalist. Redman has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2011. Redman is passionate about Bitcoin, open-source codes, and decentralized applications. Since September 2015, Redman has written more than 5,000 articles for News about the disruptive protocols emerging today.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any products or services. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The author and the company are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from or in connection to the content, goods, or services discussed in this article.

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Ripple CEO believes crypto market could reach $5 trillion by year end – Here are top 3 picks that might help position you for gains

Ripple CEO is claiming the crypto market could reach $5 trillion by the end of 2024. Investors are looking for better opportunities to invest and gain lucrative profits if that happens. According to some analysts, Solana (SOL), Sui (SUI), and Borroe Finance ($ROE) could be some of the best altcoins to include in investment portfolios.…

  • Ripple CEO is claiming the crypto market could reach $5 trillion by the end of 2024.
  • Investors are looking for better opportunities to invest and gain lucrative profits if that happens.
  • According to some analysts, Solana (SOL), Sui (SUI), and Borroe Finance ($ROE) could be some of the best altcoins to include in investment portfolios.

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is bullish on the crypto market, predicting that the crypto market cap could double and reach around $5 trillion by the end of 2024.

Garlinghouse believes spot ETF approval and the Bitcoin halving event will fuel this prediction. But he also emphasized the crucial impact of favorable U.S. regulatory changes on the crypto market’s growth.

The crypto community is understandably excited about this market prediction, with investors and analysts digging into the numbers to determine which tokens could be the best bets to capitalize on this growth. A growing number of experts believe SOL, SUI and $ROE could be some of the top crypto coins to consider adding to your portfolio ahead of this market expansion. Let’s take a look at their reasoning.

Solana validators approve ‘Timely Vote Credits’

Solana validators have agreed on a “Timely Vote Credits” plan, which speeds up transactions. It does so by modifying the consensus vote latency. The proposal was passed on April 8 with 98% votes.

Besides, SOL was trading around $172 in the second week of April with minor fluctuations. Experts say it is near the crucial support level of $170. If it breaks down from here then, SOL might trade around $160 by mid-2024.

However, if SOL manages to stay above $172, then it could head towards $190 and eventually to $200. If the bullish momentum persists then SOL could trade around $250 by the end of 2024.

Is SUI ready to take off?

SUI has risen by 290% in the past year, from a low of $0.37 in October to its current price of $1.46. In mid-April, Sui was trading around $1.57 with the crypto market cap of $2 billion. SUI has been fluctuating between $1.35 and $2.15 in the past month.

Experts say SUI is in a downtrend now, with the support at $1.55. If it breaks below this support zone, then SUI could trade around $1.30 by mid-2024.

Still, many analysts are optimistic about SUI’s growth potential, with some indicating that if it breaks above the resistance level of $1.70, then it will move towards $1.80. By the end of 2024, SUI has the potential to trade around $2.50, according to a number of forecasts.

Borroe Finance presale is on fire

Borroe Finance is attracting investors in its final stage of the presale. They raised over $3.66 million by selling over 282 million $ROE tokens. In Stage 5, $ROE is priced at $0.02 per token, and it will be listed at a price of $0.025 across several exchanges.

This will generate 25% profit for new investors. In addition, current investors are also enjoying a 15% bonus when they use a promo code (“WELCOME”), but data suggests there are now only 153 million $ROE tokens left to be sold.

Borroe Finance aims to revolutionize Web3 business funding through blockchain, AI-powered risk assessments, and smart contracts. It offers quicker access to capital by allowing businesses to mint and sell NFTs. These NFTs represent their future revenue.

$ROE utilizes the Polygon blockchain for its efficiency and low fees. The team is experienced and always brings their best to the table. Some crypto analysts are predicting that Borroe Finance could be the best blockchain ICO in the market right now, which is why many investors are deciding to HODL $ROE tokens.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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Dogecoin eyes $1 mark, Monero and Chainlink’s competitor attracts top-tier investors

We have seen all sorts of events happening in the crypto world, where some of the best meme coins can capture a huge chunk of the market while fundamentally strong projects remain in the shadows.  DOGE, with massive community backing, is an example of how hype can impact the price of a token. Some traders…

We have seen all sorts of events happening in the crypto world, where some of the best meme coins can capture a huge chunk of the market while fundamentally strong projects remain in the shadows. 

DOGE, with massive community backing, is an example of how hype can impact the price of a token. Some traders are already seeing it touch the $1 mark sooner than later, but that will depend on multiple factors. While we see how it goes, a new ICO, InQubeta, is competing with the likes of Chainlink and Monero.

Will Dogecoin touch the $1 mark?

Dogecoin has made quite the splash recently, riding the wave of meme culture straight into the hearts of a diverse crowd. It’s not just the seasoned crypto heads getting in on the action but also those looking for a fun entry point into the world of digital money. Dogecoin stands out, not so much for its tech or financial chops, but for its vibe: it’s all about community.

Yet, hitting that $1 dream is tricky. Detractors often say Dogecoin’s more about hype than substance, lacking the solid foundation other top crypto coins have. But DOGE believers see a different picture: its acceptance by more and more merchants and its die-hard community could mean Dogecoin’s joke could have the last laugh, making it a serious player in the crypto game. 

As Dogecoin starts popping up more in everyday transactions and online shops start accepting it, it’s beginning to shake off its meme coin image, hinting that its cultural clout could indeed cement its place in the crypto world with real, lasting value.

InQubeta: A new vanguard in AI crypto investment

While Dogecoin captures headlines with its rollercoaster market antics, a new name, InQubeta, is quietly turning heads among savvy investors. Positioned as a serious rival to crypto veterans like Monero and Chainlink, InQubeta stands out by weaving the untapped potential of AI into the fabric of crypto investments.

InQubeta is on a mission to simplify access to the once-gated world of AI startups, offering a golden ticket to the average investor through its innovative QUBE tokens. This platform is changing the game by allowing anyone to grab a piece of the AI pie, previously a feast for the Silicon Valley bigwigs only.

By making fractional investment a thing of reality, InQubeta is breaking open the door that has always kept retail on the sidelines.

The real kicker? InQubeta utilizes NFTs to offer shares in these AI companies, making investment outcomes transparent and directly related to their success. This not only enriches the investment landscape but also weaves a closer bond between investors and the tech pioneers driving these projects.

InQubeta’s vision doesn’t stop there. With a roadmap that dreams big – launching an NFT marketplace, rolling out the InQubeta swap, and firing up a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) – it’s clear they’re leading the march towards a future where AI and blockchain not just meet but meld in exciting ways.

Backed by a thorough audit and a presale buzz that’s already drawing in the millions, InQubeta’s journey towards cross-chain expansion in 2024 is not just promising; it’s practically in motion.


As Dogecoin dances its way towards the coveted $1 mark, fueled by a lively community and its irresistible meme magic, InQubeta is carving out its own place in the crypto world with something totally different. Very few initiatives are targeted towards making the investment game easy for average investors with small capital.

However, with InQubeta, one can expect to be a part of a circle where the big investors take a chance. But as always, doing your homework is essential before deciding on the best crypto investments.

Visit InQubeta Presale 

 Join The InQubeta Communities

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Encounters Strong Resistance, Enters Consolidation Mode

As of May 22, 2024, bitcoin is trading at $69,952, navigating a recent intraday range of $69,211 to $71,422. Despite a tumultuous period, bitcoin has shown resilience with an 11.9% increase over the past week and a 5.9% rise over the past month. Bitcoin Bitcoin’s 1-hour chart reveals a significant decline from a peak of [……
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