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Lana Rhoades, a star in adult film, deletes her Twitter account after the NFT Project was criticized

Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades Deletes Twitter Account After Her NFT Project Was Criticized

Adult film star Lana Rhoades is being criticized for her non-fungible token (NFT) project called “Cryptosis,” after $1.5 million of ethereum from the mint was withdrawn from the project’s wallet. After Rhoades stated to her fans that NFTs would make a lucrative investment for holders, and after the disapproval of the community, the pornstar deleted her official Twitter account.

Lana Rhoades is being accused of rug pulling her NFT Project. Porn Star Deletes the Twitter Account

Lana Rhoades is being condemned by people in the crypto industry for her role in an NFT project called Cryptosis, which features 6,069 NFT cartoon images of the adult film star. Rhoades is accused of withdrawing a large sum of ethereum (ETH) from the project, according to a video published by Coffeezilla.

The claim is that Rhoades referred to her NFT collection in a “lucrative” investment, but after the withdrawal of the project’s Discord channel and the myriad statements stemming out of it, the belief in Cryptosis NFT has plummeted.

Coffeezilla has called this move a “rug pulling,” which is a term used widely in crypto industry to describe projects that raise large amounts of value but then the creator abandons them and takes the funds they raised.

In another video, the Youtuber Coffeezilla’s video description says that “Rhoades is not new to crypto, she has done several tokens in the past, [as] Lana has even helped with other NFT project rug pulls such as Stickdix, Titscoin, and Pawgcoin.”

Rhoades was apparently furious about the allegations and published a few tweets regarding the Youtuber shortly after the video was published. The adult film star stated that YouTubers are “fing sickos and diseases of the Internet who will do whatever and say anything to get views.” Rhoades also added

I have a 1-month-old baby to take care of, just what I wanted to do was scam ppl, get the fout of here with this bullsh. It does not necessarily mean that the project did not go according to plan. Ppl are trying to make trouble for views.

At the time of writing, the porn star’s official Twitter account is gone, as it’s been deleted. However, a large portion of Rhoades’ social media account on Twitter has been saved on

Currently, people still buy Cryptosis NFTs. On Opensea, Rhoades NFT collection has an average floor price of 0. 018 ether or $50.23. One specific listing is attempting to get $3.1 million for the Cryptosis NFT #5795.

Many others are also looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase Rhoades NFTs. These hopeful Cryptosis NFT sellers aren’t selling, however. Cryptosis sales activity has plummeted since February 22, when the average sales price was 0. 1624 ether or $453. 20 per Cryptosis NFT.

What do you think about the accusations against adult film star Lana Rhoades? Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

Jamie Redman

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