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AdaLend: The World’s Leading Cardano-Based Lending Protocol


BSCPad and ADAPad Public Sale On March 14th.

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi are experiencing a period of blistering growth:

  • The total value locked (TVL) of tokens in DeFi protocols rose 357% to $255. 39 billion among all blockchains.
  • Over $2.5 trillion in cryptocurrencies was traded in January 2022 alone.
  • The global crypto market is now worth more than $2 trillion.

Crypto lending is the fastest growing niche in the space. Over $35 billion TVL is in DeFi lending protocols, which is dominated by Ethereum with a 54% share of TVL as of January 2022. Ethereum is slow, expensive and does not scale well:

  • Ethereum can only manage 10 to 15 transactions per second, which means orders pile up faster that they can be posted and are delayed.
  • Gas costs when demand is high can be exorbitant, reaching over $50 per transaction on average in January 2022.
  • Ethereum’s market share is rapidly eroding after peaking at 97% in January 2021, as developers and crypto investors flock to more flexible and versatile blockchains.

To permanently solve DeFi’s challenges, AdaLend has developed a user-friendly, scalable, and fully decentralised Layer-1 platform for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and augmented lending liquidity. Built on the leading proof-of-stake (POS) Cardano blockchain, AdaLend aims to unleash the next generation of seamless, fast, and secure crypto lending.

AdaLend’s features are innovative and powerful.

A Unique Architecture – The AdaLend protocol aims to improve the efficiency of capital flows, managing several lending pools via the native $ADAL token. Each pool is composed of several components: the liquidation model, utilization rate, and the borrowing/lending rate. This protocol allows tokenization of deposited assets and automatically transfers ownership between users.

Incentivised Liquidity – DeFi lending protocols need to attract Liquidity Providers (LPs) to stake assets in pools to enable lending. AdaLend does this by offering LPs strong incentives and APY to deposit assets and boost lending liquidity.

Flexible Lending Options – All lending in AdaLend is permissionless, trustless, and can be done on any token pairing. Protocol governance ensures that the best deals are made and that rates and pricing are determined using only trusted oracles.

Decentralised & Democratic Governance – All $ADAL token holders can participate actively in the governance of AdaLend, voting on proposals and determining the future evolution of the platform. AdaLend DAO is a fully transparent, democratic, and open-access financial ecosystem that can scale globally.

Idle Asset Optimisation – AdaLend minimises the utilization ratio for non-stable coins and maximises token circulation, achieving a double goal – maintaining high liquidity levels for protocol users, and offering attractive lending rates for borrowers. AdaLend reduces the amount of idle assets by moving them to stable swap exchange platforms. Users who have tokens stored in cold storage now have the option to use them to support AdaLend and earn additional rewards.

The capabilities of the Cardano Blockchain are the magic fuel which powers AdaLend’s long-term expansion plans.

Why Cardano? AdaLend’s Competitive Edge

Cardano, a flexible, scalable and cost-effective Blockchain that is ideal for building a next generation of crypto lending platforms, is an ideal choice. Created by Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson in 2017, it is a Proof of Stake (PoS) chain where code updates are rigorously peer-reviewed. Cardano’s benefits are obvious:

Efficiency – Cardano is 47,000x more energy-efficient than Bitcoin, leading the space as an environmentally friendly blockchain.

Scaleability – Cardano can process 250 TPS, with estimates that it will be able to reach eventually 1 million TPS.

Cost-Effectiveness – Cardano’s fees are currently about $0. 35 per transaction, over 100x times lower than Ethereum.

Growing Traction – Interest and investment in Cardano has been rising consistently, with TVL reaching $133. 39 million as of March 2nd, a new all-time high, and the number of wallets holding Cardano’s native currency ADA recently surpassing the three million mark

Until now, Ethereum-based platforms such as Aave have dominated DeFi lending. The DeFi market is seeking faster, more affordable, and more scalable solutions.

AdaLend is this solution, and investors are recognising it. The September 2021 private sale sold out 1.8 Million ADAL tokens, raising $540,000, in less than one hour. AdaLend will be now be conducting a public sale on five launchpads (BSCPad, VelasPad, PulsePad, ADAPad, and ETHPad) on March 14th, to finance its growth plans. These launchpads are very popular and you can buy $ADAL tokens at a discount price. The $ADAL token will be listed on the major crypto exchanges that are connected to it, allowing investors immediate liquidity and visibility. AdaLend’s unique features, unparalleled capabilities and embedded scaling make it ready for the dawn of DeFi lending.

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