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What Factors Influence Bitcoin’s Price? Demand, Production, & media

Bitcoin is decentralized and does not have to be influenced by traditional macroeconomic factors. Monetary policy, inflation rates, etc., do not affect the previous or current BTC price. It is possible to compare Bitcoins with commodities.

Bitcoin’s price factors are multiple, mainly:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Production cost
  • Competition
  • Regulation
  • Media coverage

Let’s examine these factors to determine how they impact Bitcoin’s price:

Supply – The Cornerstone of Bitcoin’s price

The Bitcoin supply is very limited. It’s a deflationary currency –the total supply is fixed at 21 million BTC, which will be mined at a specific amount yearly through an algorithm.

Miners receive a reward in Bitcoin because they are the ones who create blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain. This algorithm cuts those rewards every 210,000 blocks. These “halving events” occur every four years.

A scarce asset will likely have a higher cost. And since Bitcoin’s supply is reduced as we move forward, it helps to potentially increase BTC’s price over time.

How Demand Affects Bitcoin’s Price

Demand and supply go hand-in-hand. Like any asset, high prices are a sign of limited supply and demand.

Regulated systems with high entry barriers require intermediaries that can add up to the transaction costs. Bitcoin’s transparency and accessibility make it a popular investment asset. This is not just for retail traders or financial institutions, but also for the average person and the bankless.

How Production Affects Bitcoin’s Price

The production cost is one of the key factors that determine Bitcoin’s value. It is broken down into two factors:

  1. Cost of equipment and energy consumption: to produce Bitcoins, miners need 1) mining software, which most are free to download, and 2) mining hardware, which can be expensive depending on the mining rig, but the more expensive, the more profitable.
  2. The difficulty level of the algorithm: miners must solve a mathematical puzzle to find an encrypted number. As a reward, the miner who solves this puzzle receives newly-minted Bitcoins as well as transaction fees. The puzzle is difficult to solve because the miner needs a lot of processing power and high energy consumption.

Competitors – Can Alternative Cryptos Affect Bitcoin’s Price?

Bitcoin dominates the mindshare of the crypto industry, but its dominance has been waning over time –38% dominance, as per data from CoinGecko.

This is mainly due to Decentralized Finance. It has revolutionized the way people finance, creating a more inclusive financial system that is both profitable and equitable. There are now thousands of options to Bitcoin. These alternatives can be used to either compensate for Bitcoin’s limitations (such as transaction throughput), or to add something to the market. Ethereum, the main alternative to Bitcoin, is the pioneer of DeFi.

Ethereum, a blockchain protocol, allows developers to create decentralized apps (DApps), of all shapes and sizes on its network. These include GameFi, Art, Metaverse and yield-generating protocols. This opened up new opportunities for financial incentives and elevated blockchain infrastructure to new levels in terms of use cases.

There are many blockchains that have made a name for themselves like Fantom, Solana and Avalanche. While new tokens and coins are being created every day, they offer little in the way of innovation. The top ten most valuable currencies according to market capital are those that could challenge Bitcoin. These data aggregators include CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap.

Regulation Plays For and Against Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin was born a year after the 2008 crisis, causing a global recession and exposing banks’ and significant financial institutions’ lack of regulation and transparency. Bitcoin is unregulated and will continue to be so. But, regulation by the government plays an important role in Bitcoin’s value.

Countries that allow crypto companies to operate legally can help Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. They also promote cryptocurrencies as an investment asset. Perhaps a Bitcoin-based exchange traded fund could be approved. Canada and Australia have approved ETFs for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which allows keen investors to get exposure to crypto assets.

But, negative regulation could be, for instance, a country such as China that cracks down on cryptocurrency and bans citizens from using it. Regulation will have an impact on Bitcoin’s value, good or bad.

Effect of Media Coverage on Bitcoin’s Price

The cryptocurrency market is one of the largest capitalizations worldwide. This is why it is essential to have timely media coverage of all developments in the DeFi and crypto worlds. BTC’s price rises when good news is spread via social media. It will naturally drop in price if it is bad news.

The media provides impartial coverage of all things related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, as well as the elements that impact the decentralized market. This is crucial as it will have a large impact on investors’ outlooks, which is a key pillar that affects cryptocurrency prices. Are the prices going up, down, and sideways? Are Bitcoin’s difficulty rates increasing or are smart contracts finally being introduced by Cardano? Investors want to know the truth, no matter what it may be.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Bitcoin’s prices factors are many and vary in complexity. Bitcoin is still a volatile asset and regulations don’t favor it. The factors that we have already mentioned will continue to affect Bitcoin’s price.

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Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) are among the best altcoins in the crypto industry, and investors will always have them in their portfolios. Even though these tokens are currently bullish, they will probably not deliver a triple-digit ROI to investors in 2024. 

As a result, savvy investors turned to a fast-growing crypto token called Borroe Finance ($ROE). Keep reading to see expert opinions and forecasts on these tokens.   

Standard Chartered predicts a May Ethereum Spot ETFs approval

On January 30, analysts at Standard Chartered (one of the world’s leading financial institutions) predicted that the US SEC may approve Ethereum Spot ETFs by May 23. According to Geoff Kendrick (head of Digital Assets Research at SC), Ethereum will likely mirror BTC’s price movement in the weeks leading up to SEC’s approval for BTC Spot ETFs. Therefore, Kendrick predicts that ETH could trade for $4,000 before its approval.

Thanks to this positive Ethereum crypto news, ETH recorded a minor price surge in the last week of January. On January 24, ETH traded for $2,230. A week later, ETH gained 4.89% and sold for $2,336. According to crypto analysts, Ethereum may likely be one of the best crypto investments in 2024 due to landmark activities in the blockchain industry. BTC halving comes in April, and the resulting market volatility will likely push ETH to $3,200.

Binance Coin surges amid groundbreaking partnership

On January 27, Laika AI (one of the world’s best DeFi research platforms) announced a partnership with Binance Coin Greenfield. Binance Coin Greenfield is a sub-chain of the BNB chain built to provide a decentralized data storage system and thriving web3 data economy to the blockchain industry. In other news, Crypto Slam recently revealed that Binance Coin Chain NFT sales shot up by 688% in the last week of January.

Thanks to these favourable ecosystem developments, BNB went bullish in late January. On January 24, BNB traded for $292. Seven days later, BNB gained 4.84% and sold for $307. According to crypto experts, BNB is primed for a price surge in Q1 2024 because retail crypto traders will return to accumulate altcoins during BTC’s halving in April. Therefore, BNB will likely trade for $325 by March 2024.   

Investors back $ROE, presale raises over $2.7M in four stages

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is the world’s first web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace. As a decentralized fundraising marketplace, Borroe Finance allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by minting future earnings into NFTs and selling them to supportive communities at discounted prices. To ensure the safety of the fundraising process, Borroe Finance incorporates AI-risk assessment and efficient payment solutions into its protocol.  

$ROE’s fourth presale stage is ongoing, and the token is selling for $0.019. So far, $ROE has completed 85.7% of its current presale stage, and the platform has raised over $2.7 million. When all presale stages conclude, $ROE will surge to $0.040 and deliver a massive 110.5% ROI to early investors. Furthermore, experts believe $ROE will record quick market acceptance in 2024 and likely trade for $0.190 by the end of the year.  

To learn more about Borroe Finance, visit Borroe Finance Presale, join their  Telegram Group, or follow Borroe Finance on Twitter

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Why experienced investors are turning to NuggetRush amidst the meme coin frenzy?

Shiba Inu burned billions of tokens in January. BONK could fall further amid growing competition from meme coin rivals. NuggetRush (NUGX) could become the most in-demand play-to-earn network after its 80% price increase. The price of SHIB is still struggling despite over 9 billion SHIB tokens being burned by Shiba Inu in January 2024. On…

  • Shiba Inu burned billions of tokens in January.
  • BONK could fall further amid growing competition from meme coin rivals.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) could become the most in-demand play-to-earn network after its 80% price increase.

The price of SHIB is still struggling despite over 9 billion SHIB tokens being burned by Shiba Inu in January 2024. On the other hand, competition from other meme coins could push BONK down in the market.

Now, investors see NuggetRush (NUGX) as a last hope to secure stable returns and gold rewards. The project has sold nearly 169 million tokens. Yet, can NUGX become a better investment than top altcoins like SHIB and BONK? Let’s hear from market experts.

NuggetRush: matching expectations with high-value gold rewards

Speculation in the NFT gaming industry is rising NuggetRush prepares to launch the first-ever blockchain mining game. While gamers are thrilled by the prospect of an immersive strategy-based game, investors and crypto enthusiasts are more excited about earning NFT rewards that can be traded for real gold.

NuggetRush players primarily aim to become the game’s best miners and sit atop its leaderboard. To achieve this, players will set off on their journey with only miners and equipment while upgrading them as they progress. 

With better NFT characters and machinery, a player’s mining efficiency will increase, boosting their chances of completing quests and earning financial rewards.

As for wealth-building, NuggetRush (NUGX) offers staking and trading of NFT assets. Rare in-game rewards called RUSHGEMS can be swapped for real-world gold at the game’s P2P marketplace. On the other hand, NuggetRush (NUGX) players can earn up to 20% APY rewards by staking their NFT assets.

NuggetRush is now in the last phases of its presale, and investors have already swooped up over 168 million NUGX tokens. In that time, NUGX’s price has risen by 80%, moving from $0.010 in round one to $0.018 by round five of its presale. 

Investors are already anticipating another 11.1% rise to $0.020 as NUGX is gearing up for its listing. Furthermore, it is showing strong signs of becoming one of the top DeFi projects.

Shiba Inu burns 9 billion tokens

Shiba Inu has kept its word of increasing the SHIB burn rate in 2024. Reports from ShibaScan show that Shiba Inu has burned over 9 billion tokens in January 2024. It comes amid the widespread bearishness that has suffocated the progress of many altcoins. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has also succumbed to the bearish pressure. As of January 1, SHIB traded at $0.00001069. It fell by 10.9% to $0.000009516 on January 17. SHIB fell by 6.8% to $0.000008861 on January 25, before recovering by 3.8% to $0.0000092 by January 30.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) first unveiled its policy of increased token burns in late 2023, following the launch of Shibarium. 

Furthermore, Shibarium’s network activity has risen since the end of 2023, increasing demand for Shiba Inu’s services. This could push Shiba Inu’s SHIB token up by 52.3% to $0.00001402. Analysts say Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) increased token burn rate could make it one of the top crypto coins.

BONK expects competition from meme coin rivals

BONK has enjoyed spectacular growth in the past few months. Yet, the network is gearing up for a possible downturn amid competition from community-driven meme coins. In late January 2024, meme coin investor sentiment rose for networks like Dogwifhat.

Despite the market-wide price drop-off, BONK remained very popular among many crypto users. It traded at $0.00001494 on January 1. BONK jumped by 19.5% to $0.00001202 on January 18 before falling by 6.3% to $0.00001126 on January 30.

BONK could rise further if the meme coin sector reaches its 2023 highs. The network has already upgraded its mobile wallet features to allow smooth and seamless trading of tokens. This could further boost BONK’s trading activity while pushing its price to $0.00001509.

For more information bout the NuggetRush presale, visit the NuggetRush Presale Website.

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