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Voxel Crazy Head and Represent a Combination of Reality, Game Development, and High Technology

press release

PRESS RELEASE. Voxel Crazy Head and invite users to create their own avatars and take part in a thrilling metaverse adventure.

What Is Voxel Crazy Head?

Voxel Crazy Head is a blockchain-based collection of 10,000 unique NFT heads that also function as keys to the metaverse. The voxel head becomes a digital avatar, gaining access to the meta platform. The fate of each character is determined by the unique DNA code assigned to each head. The collection contains 12 attributes with 324 possible values; and the number of combinations is 40778090496000.

Gain Access to With Voxel Crazy Head is a symbiosis of reality, game development and high technology. The Unreal Engine game engine is used to implement the graphics. The metaverse aims to bring together all high-tech services into one virtual world. This includes shops, banks and online cinemas. It also offers delivery services, entertainment, competitions and trade.

Consider the following scenario: a user wishes to purchase a plot of land in some area for construction. Connect to and select the desired area. The avatar then teleports there. They can explore the area and inquire about land sales. Imagine a user wants to buy an apartment in one the buildings in Singapore. Connecting to allows them to select the building they want. Then the user can virtually view the interior of an apartment in the building if the building is participating in the ‘metaspace digital copy’ program, and a digital copy of the apartment is stored in the database.

When it comes to purchasing items, it’s similar. For instance, if someone wants to buy sneakers, they can visit A virtual consultant will assist the user and show them the products. The store will deliver the sneakers in real life to the user after they have made a selection and paid for them in the metaverse.

Not All Digital Assets in the Metaverse Will Be Linked to Real Ones

As part of the platform, exclusive virtual assets will also be available. A user might buy a virtual plot and build a house. They can sell the house to another avatar who is interested in purchasing it. To be able to pursue new opportunities, avatars must have their own housing. Participants will have the option to rent commercial or residential properties as well as shops, robots, equipment, and transportation services.

The team will also be adding gameplay to the platform. While some people may find the metaverse convenient for many services, others might be seeking an adrenaline rush. In that case, welcome gameplay. Users can create avatars to acquire the necessary skills and rent or purchase equipment (transport, robots, exoskeletons), as well as explore unknown planets. Exploring an unknown planet with an avatar can be dangerous. The avatar could die and all their achievements may be lost. They will have to start again.

Users will, however, also have the opportunity to find something very interesting/expensive during the expedition and return as heroes. They will be able to increase their authority and receive more contract offers. You can also save money before you send an avatar on an adventure, but this will limit the amount of saves that you can make.

The game’s story begins at the spaceport ‘C-101’, as depicted in the trailer above. From C-101, the avatars are sent to the high-tech city of ‘Cradle 3252’ on Mars. Cradle 3252 is a system of six islands connected by an artificial sea, and a large dome covers the entire city. Cradle 3252 is the heart of the metaverse.


Avatars are 3D models of men and women. Users will have the option to select their avatar’s gender identity during avatar generation. Avatars have specific characteristics such as intelligence, strength, agility, health, and agility. It is important to have the necessary characteristics to perform specific actions in the metaverse. An avatar with low health, weak strength, or agility will not be allowed to go on an expedition because of the possibility of death. Participants should ensure that their avatars are constantly upgraded.

Avatars are the main asset in the metaverse, the more developed they are, the more benefits/earnings they can provide. A higher IQ avatar can get the best deals. For example, an avatar with an IQ of 70 will be able to lock tokens at 15%, and an avatar with an IQ of 100 at 23%. An avatar that has completed the training course ‘Architect of Meta-Islands’ can be involved in developing the concept of a brand-new island. The avatar will be paid tokens after completing their work.

Each avatar has its own DNA. All avatars have a synthetic genome before being sent to Mars. Different DNA is affected by this genome in different ways. Some avatars have telepathic abilities, while others become extremely powerful and agile.

Desktop and Mobile Versions of the Platform

The desktop version of the platform is the first stage of development to ensure full functionality and gameplay.

The second stage in the development process involves developing a simplified version of the functionality to be used on mobile devices. Due to technical limitations on mobiles, the platform’s mobile version will be limited in terms of gameplay capabilities. The mobile version allows users to manage investments, make contracts, conduct transactions and access other services that don’t place too much load on their device’s hardware.


There will be a token issued in the metaverse for the internal economy. The whitepaper explains in detail how token distribution will be done. The token will be used on the Ethereum blockchain. To maintain and improve its internal economic system, the team will include staking. players can manage their investments and sign contracts. They can also trade with their accounts. The creation of the cabinet is currently in progress.

Take whitelist here:

Please visit the following websites or social media platforms for more information:

Voxel Crazy Head:

VCH Twitter:

VCH Discord:

VCH Telegram:

Contact Voxel Crazy Head:

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China Court Recognizes NFTs As Virtual Property

Court in China Recognizes NFTs as Virtual Property Protected by Law

A court in Hangzhou, China, has ruled that non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are virtual property under the People’s Republic laws. This ruling is based on a dispute between a customer, and a platform that was hired to sell tokens.

Hangzhou Internet Court Hearing Case Concerning Property Rights over NFTs

A court in Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang province in eastern China) has heard a dispute between a client of a digital art platform and a local customer. The platform had cancelled a sale of NFTs for the client. The user sued the company, claiming that the operation was ended without his consent.

The platform issued a refund because of the inaccurate information it received about the plaintiff. According to its know-your-customer procedures, orders placed without real-name authentication should be canceled, an announcement detailed.

The Hangzhou Internet Court stated that NFT collections have the characteristics of property rights, such as value and scarcity, controllability and tradability. However, digital collectibles can only be described as virtual properties. In the statement, quoted by Chinese crypto journalist Colin Wu, also known as ‘Wu Blockchain’ on Twitter, the judicial authority also emphasized:

The contract involved in the case does not violate the laws and regulations of our country, nor does it violate the actual policy and regulatory guidance to prevent economic and financial risks, and should be protected by the law.

The court stated that NFT digital collections are unique digital assets formed on the blockchain based on the trust and consensus mechanism between blockchain nodes. NFT digital collections, which are digital assets created on the blockchain using the trust and consensus mechanism among blockchain nodes , are also unique digital assets.

The Hangzhou court concluded that NFT collections are part of the category virtual property. It stated that the transaction in this case is a business activity that involves selling digital goods via the internet. Accordingly, it should be regulated under China’s E-commerce Law .”

The Chinese government launched a crackdown last year on cryptocurrency-related activities such as the issuance, trading and mining of bitcoins. While NFTs were allowed to be issued by regulators, they were also intended to limit speculation. They are sometimes called “digital collectibles” to avoid being associated with the crypto-space.

In April of this year, reports revealed that the popular Chinese messaging app Wechat is suspending accounts linked to NFTs. And in September, it became known that the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) had launched a campaign to crack down on copyright infringement and piracy through digital collectibles.

What future do you expect for NFTs in China? Please share your views on this topic in the comments section below.

Lubomir Tassev

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any products or services. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The author and the company are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from or related to the use or reliance of any content, goods, or services in this article.

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Barcelona and Argentina’s Legend Mascherano joins Alchemy Pay to be a Brand Ambassador


Barcelona’s and Argentina’s soccer legend Javier Mascherano signed with the top fiat-crypto payment gateway Alchemy Pay. On December 1, he announced that he had become an ambassador for Alchemy Pay. He will promote its payment features and products and work closely with Alchemy Pay in the future co-branded NFT launches.

“Just like I have bridged defense and offense in my career, Alchemy Pay bridges fiat and crypto, web2 or web3 across the globe. Mascherano tweeted, “A perfect match!” He considered this partnership to be an ideal fit and saw himself as embodying the same spirit of Alchemy Pay.

Mascherano was the former Argentina national team captain and is one of the best defensive midfielders in football. After his success with River Plate, Mascherano moved on to European club giants Liverpool or Barcelona. As one of the true legends of the game, Mascherano is also a social media legend, with 5.8M Instagram followers and 8.1M Twitter followers, and is enthusiastic about crypto utility for the people of Latin America. This ambassador endorsement will benefit users in Latin America, enabling them to use their local currency to buy crypto, cheaply and easily, on Alchemy Pay’s OnRamp Solution.

Argentina defeated Lewandowski’s Poland stars and qualified for the knockout stage. Alchemy Pay announced its support for Argentina and launched a series activities to support the team. For the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Barcelona and Liverpool legend will launch a series of signings, appearances, and NFTs to celebrate the Argentina team during the World Cup. Both parties will promote Alchemy Pay’s Ramp payment solution as well as NFT Checkout capabilities during the cooperation period.

Alchemy Pay is a top-rated payment provider. Over the past 18 months, its payment gateway to crypto has opened up the industry to mainstream users. Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users.

The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution has been easily integrated, via plugin or API, with platforms and dApps to provide an easy onramp from fiat currency to crypto. Alchemy Pay’s new feature, the NFT Checkout, allows users to purchase NFTs using their preferred fiat currency payment method. Alchemy Pay supports payments from 173 countries – Visa, Mastercard, popular regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers with a focus on emerging markets. Its offramping capability remits to users in 27 local fiat currencies. $ACH is the Alchemy Pay network & community token on Ethereum and Binance Chain.

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any products or services. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The author and the company are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from or in connection to the content, goods, or services discussed in this article.

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NFT Sale begins mid-December NFT Sale Details for Entertainment DAO Project “SUPER SAPIENSS” by Yukihiko Tsutsumi and Katsuyukimotohiro Revealed

press release

PRESS RELEASE Financie Inc. pleased to announce that the “SUPER SAPIENSS NFT” sales conducted by “SUPER SAPIENSS”, an entertainment DAO project active on FiNANCiE.


“SUPER SAPIENSS” is a unique entertainment project that brings together three directors, Yuichi Sato, Katsuyuki Motohiro and Yuichi Takaho, who have all been in the forefront of Japanese entertainment and film industries, as well as Takeshi Moriya, whose board members will help to tell the original story and visualize it.

The project will take on the challenge to be an entertainment DAO utilizing FiNANCiE’s token issuance and token-based “co-creation community” in order for Japan to enter a new era.

The company has conducted two rounds of token-issuing type funding, and has collected a cumulative total of over 50 million yen in support and approximately 3,000 members in the community.

The token holders are not only involved in the production of the contents but also participate in various community processes. We are developing our activities with the essential element of “sharing the same excitement, joy, and passion” as the three initiators.


The creative for SUPER SAPIENSS NFT, which started on September 26, 2022, is based on director Tsutsumi’s original character proposal, with original art developed by manga artist Chobi, who also works on the SUPER SAPIENSS webtoon. This creative is full of Japanese culture and is drawing worldwide attention.

SUPER SILVER SAPIENSS NFT can be described as a generative NFT format. Generative NFT uses a program that randomly combines image data into different parts to create many types of art.

For more information about SUPER SAPIENSS, NFT, please see the white paper below.

Japanese version

English version

Detailed Sales Information about SUPER SAPIENSS NFT

The sales of SUPER SAPIENSS NFFT will take place in the order of Presale or Public Sale. The sales format determines the date and number of sales.

Only holders of Allow List (AL) are allowed to join the presale.

No matter what sales format you choose, prepare in advance for a crypto wallet or GAS fee.

The first sales in Presale (website to mint)

Outline: How to buy the NFTs for only 1,093 designated holders of Allow List on the website to mint

Period: Dec 17 (Sat) 00: 00 ~ Dec 17 (Sat) 23: 30 EST

Number: 5,465 units (Maximumly 5 units per person to mint)

Payment Method: ETH payment

Target: The email address will be sent to the designated holders of Allow List.

For the Allow List

, please visit Discord and check the website.

The second sales in Presale (website to mint)

Outline: How to buy NFTs on a first-come, limited to holders of Allow List on the website to mint

Period: Dec 18(Sun) 00: 00 ~ Dec 19(Mon) 00: 00 EST

Number: There were 5 NFTs per person that could be mint )


Payment Method: ETH payment

The team will announce the winners and will select the applicants to the Allow List for secondary sales.

Please apply for Allow List below

Application deadline: Monday, Dec. 8th, 2022 at 10: 00 AM

The sales in Public Sale

Outline: How to buy the NFTs, which anyone can buy on the website to mint

Period: Dec 19(Mon) 22: 00 EST ~ Tue, Dec 20(Tue) 22: 00 EST

Number: 1,000 units (No limit to mint)

Payment Method: ETH payment

The team will post the latest information about NFT on Twitter and Discord:





  • 2022.1FiNANCiE raised approximately 45 million at the beginning of the project. 2000 community members.
  • 2022.7Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s original movie “SUPER SAPIENSS THE BEGINNING” has been released
  • 2022.9SUPER SAPIENSS Golden Fish NFT drop. The significant goldfish to the story is for early supporters only.
  • 2022 – WinterRelease of SUPER SAPIENSS NFT
  • 2022 – WinterThe ten episodes of the webtoon comic (approx. 30 are planned). One chapter is released weekly
  • 2023 – MidMaking the live-action adaptation of Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s work. Filming of Katsuyuki Motohiro and Yuichi Satou’s film
  • 2023 – Produce short animated films for future animation

The following benefits are also available to NFT holders;

  1. Holder’s NFT will appear in the webtoon and/or the film
  2. Opportunity to submit ideas for a supernatural power for SUPER SAPIENSS NFT
  3. The priority pass to purchase the NFT derivatives/AirDrop
  4. The license for commercial use of proprietary NFT
  5. Prior experience/access to NFT projects
  6. Other unique benefits depending on the NFT volume and duration

Project initiators

  • Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi(Director of Office Crescendo Inc. – There are numerous ‘aggressive’ masterpieces by the master in the Japanese film and television industries.
  • Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro(Member of the Planning Department in Production IG – Director of the highest-grossing live-action film in Japan, “Bayside Shakedown 2”.
  • Director: Yuichi Satou(Member of Kyodo Television)- The director is considered one of the most renowned Japanese film directors for his meticulous descriptions.
  • Producer: Takeshi Moriya(Atmovie Inc. – CEO and Founder – The most famous work by Takeshi Moriya is “Midnight Swan”, winner of the Japanese academy award for the picture of the year in 2021.
  • Adviser on webtoon comics; Supervising Director of NFT design: Youhei Sadoshima (Cork Inc. – CEO and Founder)
  • Project Promotion Advisor: Hironao Kunimitsu (Financie Inc. – CEO and Founder)

About FiNANCiE

Finance Inc. offers a crowdfunding 2.0 service, FiNANCiE, that takes advantage of blockchain technology and delivers a new token economy through issuing, planning and handling tokens (both FT and NFT). In addition, there are more than 170 token issuers (individuals, sports clubs, and projects).

Company: Financie Inc.

CEO: Naohiro Kunimitsu

Establish: January 2019

Address: Cerulean Towe 15F, 26-1, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

This is a press release. This is a press release. Readers are responsible for their own research before making any decisions about the promoted company, or any of its affiliates. does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the content, goods, or services mentioned in this press release.

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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