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Ethereum Drops Below $1200 As FTX Drainer Swaps 5K Ethereum For Bitcoin

Ethereum’s price is trading below $1,200 on Sunday, charting a decrease of around 3.5% in the past 24 hours.

This happens because the FTX account thief swaps ETH for wrapped Bitcoin.

  • Data from the popular security resource, PeckShield, revealed that the address that drained funds from FTX is swapping ether for BTC.
  • The “FTX Account Drainer” dumped around $6 million worth of ETH (around 5K ETH) and bought 357 renBTC.
Source: Twitter
  • This is causing pressure on ETH’s spot price, which is currently down some 3.5% (on Binance) for the past 24 hours.
  • As to who the drainer may be, CryptoPotato recently reported that the Securities Commission of the Bahamas assumed control of associated assets. A media release was shared by authorities:

On 12 November 2022, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, in the exercise of its powers as regulator acting under the authority of an Order made by the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, took the action of directing the transfer of all digital assets of FTX Digital Markets to a digital wallet controlled by the Commission, for safekeeping.


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Binance US drops all Ethereum-USD trading fees

, just like Bitcoin

Binance US – the American branch of the world’s largest crypto exchange – has eliminated all Ether (ETH) spot trading fees just six months after doing the same for Bitcoin (BTC) pairs on the platform.

The zero-fee model will expand free trading to the platform’s ETH/USD, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, and ETH/BUSD pairs.

  • In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Binance US revealed that it will be consolidating its pricing tiers into a single tier in January 2023. Tier I assets will have the same pricing as Tier II, and the consolidated Tier will be called ‘Tier I’.
  • Binance US CEO Brian Shroder said the change is one of many at the company focused on “customer experience.” The exchange seeks to distinguish itself as one of the industry’s low-fee leaders, and to “restore trust in the greater ecosystem.”
  • “Now, more than ever, it is critical that platforms operate with users’ interests first,” stated the firm.

  • Both Binance and Binance US introduced zero-fee Bitcoin trading on the same USD and stablecoin pairs in June, shortly after industry competitors like Coinbase and Robinhood announced major job cuts.
  • Likewise, their Ethereum fee removal shortly follows the collapse of of FTX – Binance’s biggest rival from which the exchange seemingly absorbed hundreds of millions of dollars in withdrawal requests following a bank run in early November.
  • Binance CEO Champeng Zhao has made numerous statements in the aftermath of FTX’s bankruptcy highlighting Binance as a more attractive alternative. These include implementing Merkle Tree proof of reserves, and re-promoting Binance’s zero-fee Bitcoin model from June.
  • Though fees are a main source of revenue for companies like Binance, major exchanges are now taking profiting from staking services. Binance US announced ETH staking just before the Merge. Rates start at 6% APY.

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Vitalik Buterin Advizes Using The Tech to Avoid Crypto Weariness

On December 4, Vitalik Buterin answered a question from a member of the community who stated that they were tired of scammers and fraudsters in cryptocurrency after nine years.

Crypto can be used as a vehicle to speculate at the moment and is where fraudsters thrive. The FTX meltdown was caused in part by bank runs that were fueled by excessive lending and overleveraging.

Buterin recommended focusing on technology and application rather than trading and investing.

“I’d recommend increasing your distance from trading/investing circles, and getting closer to the tech and application ecosystem.”

I recommend reducing your involvement in trading/investing circles and getting more involved with the technology and application ecosystem. You can learn more about ZK-SNARKs and visit a Latin American meetup. Listen to All Core Devs calls, read the notes, and memorize all the …

EIP numbers.

— vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) December 3, 2022

Vitalik – Learn More About The Tech

He said that crypto-fools should be educated about the underlying technology such as zk SNARKs.

Zk–SNARK is an acronym for “Zero Knowledge Succinct Non Interactive Argument of Knowledge.” This cryptographic proof allows one party to show that it has certain information, but not reveal what information.

Ethereum’s co-founder also suggested attending crypto and developer meetups, listening to core developer calls, and even memorizing all of the EIP (Ethereum Improvement Protocol) numbers.

Changpeng Zhao,

Binance boss, also offered his support with the words “keep building.” Stani Kulechov, Aave founder, also recommended that we avoid being too closely involved in crypto’s financial side.

“I’d recommend to look into non-financial use-cases and contribute there, its a fresh breath from all financial activity.”

This is the default fallback option for crypto industry professionals in a bear markets .. The only way to keep your faith and belief in the technology and the industry strong is to sell panic (often at a loss) and then get dejected.

Anthony Sassano,

Ethereum advocate, agreed. He added that the bear market was the best opportunity to do this. He said that the tech side was more exciting than markets.

Ethereum price Outlook

The focus on tech comes as crypto asset prices are at the bottom of a long-running winter cycle. The collapse of large platforms like Terra/Luna and FTX has made their already fragile prices even more difficult.

Ethereum has gained 2.6% on the day to reach $1,290 at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko. ETH is approaching its highest price level for almost a month, but there is a lot of resistance at $1,300.

The asset remains down 73.5% from its all-time high, but that is not as deep as some of the other altcoins.


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Swingby Partners with Chainlink To Secure Bitcoin Bridge

press release

PRESS RELEASE. Swingby has recently announced a newly established partnership with Chainlink for Proof of Reserve. The recently publicized partnership is aimed to help secure the Swingby Skybridge which connects the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling the introduction of BTC into the Ethereum network.

Swingby Develops A More Advanced And Secure BTC Bridge

Swingby, a BTC bridge platform, plans to expand into other Blockchain ecosystems. This is in addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Swingby is the only BTC bridge that can protect against a WBTC-depegging event due to the advancement in platform security enabled by the partnership.

In a Swingby announcement announcing the partnership it was also revealed that the Bitcoin bridging protocol chose the Chainlink Proof of Reserve, due to what was proclaimed in the details of the announcement to be critical features offered by Chainlink’s oracle service.

Proof Of Reserve Offers Verifiable Transparency And Security

With the rise in instances of blockchain ecosystem crashes and catastrophic depeggings as well as sudden closures, bankruptcies, and other financial problems, transparency and security are of greater importance than ever in the industry.

Swingby made the decision to equip the protocol to employ Proof of Reserve as a transparency measure which protects the bridge from completing transfers that are not verifiably present in reserves backing token supply.

The Swingby announcement explains that the integrated Proof of Reserve will verify that the amount of BTC in reserve wallets equals the amount of WBTC tokens in the Ethereum network. The Proof of Reserve function will shut down the bridge until there is an agreement. This measure is intended to protect network and user security.

Raising The Standard With Proof Of Reserve

As mentioned, Swingby has been able to declare the network as the only BTC-to-BTC bridge that is protected against depegging of WBTC due to the Chainlink Proof of Reserve mechanism.

In keeping with blockchain transparency and security the bankruptcy filings of FTX, and Alameda Research’s sister company Alameda Research, has affected the REN Protocol that is owned by Alameda. Swingby is now one of the most prominent market leaders in this area and one of the decentralized bridges.

Swingby strives to make it easy to use its proof-of-stake network. Chainlink Proof of Reserve was designed to support an efficient UX. This is largely due to the automated process of presenting the trusted, secure, and up-to-date data to the smart contract powered network environment via the Chainlink oracle network.

How Chainlink Proof Of Reserve Is Expected To Support Swingby Skybridge

A current reference contract will be kept in order to provide smart contracts that allow for automated, on-chain verification of collateralization. The transparency of blockchain makes it possible to validate and monitor the data without the need for manual audits.

Chainlink Proof of reserve implements

Customizable external adapters. They can be used to source premium data providers via financial incentives. This means that data provided through Proof of Reserve facilitation is of the highest quality.

The Chainlink Proof of Reserve’s decentralized nature is also highlighted as an important feature of the design that supports the Swingby Skybridge. The announcement reveals that data sources and oracle nodes are distributed and thus eliminate the possibility of central failures in data sourcing and delivery to Swingby.

More To Come As Announced By Swingby

Senga Yasaka, CEO at Swingby, stated in a recent statement that more could be expected from the collaboration with Chainlink. Official Swingby announcement revealed plans to implement Proof of Reserve on Avalanche and Polygon blockchains via Skybridge. This is now that the Ethereum network has been fully operational. In his insights, the CEO highlighted the importance of Chainlink Proof of Reserve in Swingby’s decentralized infrastructure.

“We consider Chainlink Proof of Reserve to be mission-critical decentralized infrastructure for Swingby’s Skybridge and it will play a key role in preventing users from minting new WBTC tokens or swapping them if the BTC reserves become unpegged from the WBTC token supply. Security is paramount when building a bridge across blockchains, and Chainlink’s battle-hardened and time-tested oracle network is the most reliable in the industry.”

This is a press release. Before taking any action related to the promoted company, or any of its affiliates, or services, readers should do their due diligence. does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the content, goods, or services mentioned in this press release.

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